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How to Get New Saudi Visit Visa Stamped from Manama, Bahrain

There are two types of visit visas for the families to visit Saudi Arabia. One is to get a single free entry visa for six months and the other is a multiple-entry visa for a whole year. The former can be extended for one month up to six months by the way of Absher. For the latter, due to the changed policy one has to re-enter the country for the further extension of the three months. This then costs quite the amount if one wants to go back to his/her country. I will share an experience of how I got to extend my visa by going to Bahrain using the King Fahad’s Causeway. So in Bahrain, VFS Tasheel has the responsibility of New Visa stamping.

How to Get a new Visit visa and get it Stamped from 

Here is how this procedure works.

What is to be done?

This article is going to explain to you here a detailed answer to that, and I hope I will be able to guide you step by step.

Let’s stay together.

Step 1 – Get a New Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia

If the visa on one’s passport has expired and one definitely needs to get a new visa from Saudi Arabia. Before one starts the application, he has to make sure that the “stamping place” is Manama Bahrain as this is where one has to get the visa stamped. I also applied and got the visa within the three working days while my family was still in Saudi with the previous visa for the visit. So one must be wondering how he will get it, it’s no big deal! Let’s help you get ONE!

 Step 2 – Get E-Visa for Bahrain

Initially, the state of Bahrain was giving the visas only on arrival but now one has to apply the e-visa for each one of the family members. For the iqama holders the state of Bahrain is still giving visas on arrival but charging according to the occupation mentioned on the iqama.  So to avoid the unnecessary risks it is better to apply from the official website and hopefully one gets the visa within three to four days. If it takes more than three to four days the complaint can be launched on Tawasul.


I paid 4BD and later on 5BD per visa. So in total, it was 9BD = 90 Riyals per Passport. 


It is a 30 Day Visa and the maximum you can stay in Bahrain is 30 Days.

Step 4 – Checking at King Fahad Causeway

On the Saudi Side of King Fahad Causeway, the security will Check your Iqama, Re-Entry Visa and the Visit Visa of each of the family members. The visa for Bahrain is also checked for each of the members. One of the persons who experienced this said that, “After checking my family’s visa, the Jawazat person told me you know your Family visa has expired, and you cannot enter Saudi Arabia. I said yes and showed him the new visa, which I would stamp in Manama. He Checked the Visa and Stamping place on it and let us all go with a smile on his face. We thanked him and went to our Bus. After that we reached Manama at around 9 pm. We stayed at a hotel that was just 15 Min Away from the VFS Tasheel Office.”

Step 5 – Stamping Visa from VFS Tasheel

VFS Tasheel is a Globally recognized Visa Center for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have offices in almost every Country. In Bahrain, you must get to VFS Tasheel if you want to stamp your Saudi Visit Visa. However, In Pakistan, Etimad Limited is Responsible for Saudi Visa Stamping. 

Procedure at VFS Tasheel:

Step 1 – Appointment:

The appointment on the official website is to be made before going there. But if one does not get an appointment and it is full and wants to go the next day then a walk-in token is another option and can be tried. But for that one has to be there at 7:30 a.m. as only 10 walk-in tokens are treated per day.

Step 2 – Documents Required

I submitted the following Documents

  • Applicant’s Passport 
  • Applicant’s Passport Copy
  • Marriage Certificate For Wife/Birth Certificate for Children
  • 2 Passport Size Photos with White Background
  • Visa Document 
  • Iqama Copy
  • My Passport Copy

After you pay the fee and the documents listed above it will almost take one hour for the procedure to follow then you will be asked to go back home.

Step 3 – Passport Collection

The visa procedure usually takes 24 to 36 hours and the passport can be picked after 24 hours i.e. it can be collected the next day. 

Step 6 – Getting Back to Saudi Arabia

For the trip back to Saudi, one can easily book tickets from Manama. Your saudi iqama and visa for each of the family members will be checked. This is the same procedure when going from Saudia’s city to Bahrain’s city e.g. Dammam to Manama. 

 Step 7 – Welcome to Khobar, Saudi Arabia

After a 20 to 30 Minutes Drive on King Fahad Causeway, You will be Welcomed to Saudi Arabia. Enjoy Your Stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What are the Documents required to stamp a Saudi Visit visa from Bahrain?

You need Following Documents with you

  • Applicant’s Passport (Original)
  • Applicant’s Passport (Copy)
  • Sponsor Passport Copy
  • Sponsor Iqama
  • MOFA Visa Document
  • Marriage Certificate for Wife
  • Birth Certificate for Children
  • 2 Passport Size Photos with White Background.

2 – What are the Charges at VFS Tasheel for each passport?

One needs to pay around 750 to 800 Riyals per passport.

3 – Do we need a Bahrain e Visa to get into Bahrain?

YES, one needs an E Visa for each of your Family members. 

You can get On Arrival Visa depending upon your Occupation on Iqama.


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